Chimney Repairs and Tuckpointing can be difficult from leaking and bricks falling off to small cracks and gaps all chimney repair is important. Chimneys allow your home to safely vent unwanted gases and fume from your home to provide a quality living environment. They also protect your home from water and critters entering the adjacent building materials. They do however require maintenance or repairs and our climate due to frost/thaw and humidity can speed this up. If you are seeing visible signs of damage or water is leaking in call us, we would love to provide you with estimate for your project and go over all possible options for repair and preventive maintenance for your chimney’s health.

What to look for when evaluating your chimney.

  • Brick or cement pieces on ground or roof near chimney
  • Cracks or signs of movement on chimney
  • Leaking on walls or ceiling around where chimney enters home
  • Missing brick on chimney
  • Spalling for Defacing brick on chimney

Chimney repair services

  • Chimney Rebuilds
  • Chimney Tuckpoint Repair
  • Chimney Crowns
  • Chimney Caps (critter cover)
  • Chimney Stonework Cultured and Natural
  • Chimney Sealants
  • And More