Waterproofing solutions are intended to protect your masonry from the ingress of wind-driven rain. When properly applied, these solutions penetrate deeply into the mortar, concrete block, brick or stone substrate, chemically bond to the silica, and set up a hydrophobic layer of protection without staining or discoloring the masonry.

Your Home Is In Good Hands

Masonry is a beautiful option for your home’s/ building’s exterior and adds a long-lasting ability to survive the elements that Michigan’s weather displays. Long-term masonry adds the highest structural value of all exterior building products but high-level masonry work needs to be protected. As modern materials are made with less quality than 100 years ago and older masonry products lose their resilience, the advancement of technology for modern sealers has virtually solved these issues. Not all sealants are created equal and the right product for the job is key to a long-lasting and smart application. At Brick and Level, we provide a wide range of various sealants and repellents to keep your home both beautiful and dry.

Water Sealant and Water Repellant Services We Offer: