Brick Porches & Steps

Southeast Michigan is great for being able to experience all four seasons but unfortunately a home’s porch takes the brunt of erosion by varying weather types. We use our porches for many things from entertaining and relaxing to decorating for the holidays, so getting this important part of your home looking new is essential. Brick and Level offers a full range of porch restoration services. Please contact us to receive a free estimate or to see if we can help with your particular porch repair.

The Brick & Level Advantage

What to look for when evaluating your porch-

  • Porch brick are spalling or loose
  • Porch cement cap is cracked or pulling away from home
  • Porch steps are loose or crumbling
  • Porch mortar or brick is missing
  • Porch is holding water or directing water into the home

Porch services we offer:

  • Porch Rebuilds
  • Porch Tuckpointing
  • Step Replacement
  • Custom Limestone Steps
  • Porch Brick Veneer Rebuilds
  • Porch Sealants and Polyurethane
  • And More


Sometimes, when our team arrives for an initial consultation, our experts may recommend that your outdoor space be totally reconstructed. If your porch is beyond a simple repair, we can help replace and rebuild a safe outdoor living space that you will be proud to share with your loved ones.

Get Some Inspiration

The porch is an integral part of any home, providing an inviting entrance and an outdoor space to relax and enjoy the fresh air. A small brick porch can be a charming addition to your home’s exterior, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Here are some small brick porch ideas that you can consider to enhance the beauty of your home.