Masonry Tuckpointing

Southeast Michigan is full of beautiful, historic, brick homes and buildings. Unfortunately, the brickwork and masonry of these old properties are subject to damage due to the intensity of the cold winters, hot summers, expanding and contracting the brick and mortar. We Speciialize in addressing damage due to aging and weather, expansive soils, metal support damages, settling and step cracking. At Brick & Level we believe strongly in our ability to address your tuckpoint needs and provide you with a through and smart resolution to your issue. Tuckpointing is generally a misused term that blankets a variety of repairs that may be required. If you have received a suggestion to tuckpoint your home we would love to provide you with a professional quote for this service.

What to look for when evaluating for tuckpoint work on your structure-

  • Step cracks
  • Areas of weathered or worn away mortar
  • Organic growth or dark staining in mortar
  • Cracks near windows or glass block windows
  • Cracks around garage door or man doors
  • Large horizontal crack
  • Spalling or flaking brick
  • Spalling brick at base of home (grade level)
  • Missing brick

Tuckpointing services we offer:

  • Repointing of mortar
  • Miscellaneous or individual brick replacement
  • Spalling brick repair
  • Spalling brick at base of home replacement
  • Grade level repair
  • Stone tuckpointing
  • Step crack tuckpoint repair
  • Cracked or Missing brick repair
  • And More

Contact us today to learn more about our tuckpointing and repointing brick services.


Why Choose us for your Masonry tuckpointing/ repointing Needs?

What separates us from all the rest of the brick restoration contractors in Southeast Michigan? Our team of masons always gets it right the first time. They are very experienced and highly trained to fix any brick and masonry issues that your home may have.

Our team is ready to diagnose what damage your brickwork has, how to fix it and, if needed, what’s causing your masonry damage. If you are experiencing missing, cracked or discolored mortar, our professional team can take care of your mortar joints, seeing the project through from start to finish. You are in good hands with Brick and Level.